Texture resources

Renderosity : A most excellent site for 3D also contains Steve Cox 3D mapper, for help with your textures
3D Commune : A really great sites, filled with gallerys and downloads
Nerd 3D - Poser top 3d sites, tutorials, textures, downloads and other goodies.
Mega-Tex Studios : Mega-Tex Studios offers you lots of high quality textures in various categories.
Renfield Imaging : R-I is a seamless texture site that features the web's most unique and surreal seamless textures.
These are definitely not your usual brick and marble variety of textures but complex and challenging images that have their heart and soul firmly in the science fiction/fantasy realm.
3D digital artist Eni Oken - loads of textures, commercial and freestuff
The Studios of Jeremy A. Engleman - Fantastic Artist, with an excellent library of free textures.
Fotosearch Royalty Free Stock Photos - Fotosearch saves you time by allowing you to search over 700,000 images from over 50 stock photography, illustration, and video footage publishers at one website.
A Luna Blue - Royalty Free Stock Footage and Imagery, A Luna Blue provides royalty free stock footage and images. Digitally produced for broadcast, desktop publishing and all new media.
Texture forrest - this place has loads of good textures.

Toobs tileable textures
CGSD - Tilable Texture Production Tools
J. J. Peiger Company, Upholstery Fabrics - upholstery texturesotographic data for texture mapping
MARLIN STUDIOS - Free Seamless Textures Downloads
boogaholler - loads and loads of really excellent photorealistic textures
Korean zippers - this site has loads of photorealistic textures
Ooppowa.de - Loads of
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