Forums, webring's etc

Renderosity : A most excellent site for 3D also contains Steve Cox 3D mapper, for help with your textures
3D Commune : A really great sites, filled with gallerys and downloads
Nerd 3D - Poser top 30 sites, tutorials, textures, downloads and other goodies.
The Bryce forum : Message boards
The CG channel
3D Festival 2003
3D link resources : Links to 3D related websites
Softimage - 3D software and community
Hyper-3d : All the latest news and information on the 3d community.
Poser World - A FREE Poser Resource brought to you : Gallery, textures, models, characters, patches, everything you need to accompany poser
Poser Forum net : loads of poser stuff
Digital Artworks - A Computer Graphics Gallery and forum
The Bryce Chronicles : Bryce web ring with loads of Bryce related sites
The Pov-ray art gallery : Excellent galleries of Pov-ray artists
-In Depth Arts- Artistic Expression Online
Ghost effects : from the creater of poser
Bryce Alive Network Home Page - Gunther Berkus artwork and server hosting information
Hilltop design : A very cool Bryce related site
-=DigiFad, Inc=- : An excellent site where you can submit 5 images and have them voted on!
d i g i t a l w a t e r f a l l s 1 9 9 9 : submit your work here
Postmaster - The world's premier free web based email service
Computer Arts - 3D & Animation tutorials
3d World - the 3d magazine and forum
Paint Shop Pro Users Group - Online Community
Deepspaceweb - Offering free photoshop actions, tutorials, tips, filters, and plugins. We also have free images, buttons.
Computer Graphics Channel - reel cool looking site dedicated to 3d graphics
SHINKA.Net [CREATORS LINK] - hard to read and you dont know japenese, the place has loads of cool links!!
TIEM Design - The Internet EYE Magazine - The Internet's Largest Online Graphic Design Magazine
Ultimate 3D Links Free 3D Objects, Information, Plug-Ins, Free 3D Meshes, Modeling and Rendering Resource
kinetix - 3d studio max

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