Sites with downloads


Renderosity : A most excellent site for 3D also contains Steve Cox 3D mapper, for help with your textures
3D Commune : A really great sites, filled with gallerys and downloads

Nerd 3D - Poser top 30 sites, tutorials, textures, downloads and other goodies.
Daz-3d Poser Modeling Company
The 3D cafe
: contains a gallery, hundreds of 3D models and tutorials
Poserstyle - a really excellent Poser site with Gallerys and really cool Poser downloads
Baument Free Downloads Page
: Loads and loads of 3D models, galleries and tutorials
The 3D comic collective : Excellent superhero characters for Poser
Grey Light Poser : Absolutely loads of resources for poser, including clothes and textures
3D Model World another site from the artist Lannie carancia
happy worldland - cool poser textures and figures
Mitch 3D - more really good poser figures
Planet 3D - this place is great, loads of cool stuff for Poser
The movie mesh site : loads of really awesome models
Capsces Digital Ink - cat of 9 lives for poser
3DSite Model Market : A site with loads of links to loads of 3D related objects
LAVA 3D modelshop : an excellent site, where you can download some excellent buildings
3D total : loads of 3d models
Anim8or, free 3d animation software : A cool open GL 3d modeler
Amazing 3D graphics, : An excellent site for 3D models and textures
Sandy Lodge 3D Graphics by Maz, downloads and tutorials for Poser - cool stuff for poser
Diard Software - Multimedia Software including Universe : Universe Image Creator, Version 1.62 lets you create star field backgrounds and wallpapers
Kurtz-Fernhout Software Download : The Plant studio
This installation package will install a fully-functional evaluation copy of Plant Studio 1.60. It installs about 3 MB of files.
Nigel Pickering's site - devoted mainly to my Bryce & Photoshop art, with some great downloads, including Parameter files for Kurtz-Fernhout Plant studio and Bryce MATS.  
Ultra Fractal Advanced Fractal Software : Ultra Fractal is a shareware program. That means you may freely distribute it and give copies to your friends. However, you may not ask any money for it. You may evaluate Ultra Fractal for 30 days,
Computer Drawn Celtic Knot work : Lets you produce 3D knots which you can rotate in 3D space
Adventure Gamer : Gallery and texture library
Björn Jónsson's homepage: : Planetary maps, space renderings and POV-Ray stuff
Stone Index : loads of Bryce resources, Bryce works
Chemical Brother : Mixed downloads for Poser including a shark!
The Star Trek meshes and objects collective
Thorneworks : a pixie poser figure download a month
Dedicated Digital - 3D Models for Computer Animation and Illustration
Virtual Heroes General Directory : loads of really cool poser super hero's
Great Buildings Online - Master Buildings List 2000.0407
Science Fiction 3D Models : including 2001, Star wars, Star trek and Babylon 5
Crossroads, freeware converter for 3d models
Lynes Creations - loads of really excellent picture, tutorials and downloads
Phantom Zone - excellent site, from GHOST industries, it contains Warhammer Props and Characters.
Jim Burton's Home Page
Welcome to Robin Wood Ent.
PoseWorks - loads of cool stuff
Gypsy Motion Capture System - Frequently Asked Questions
House of Moves Motion Capture Studio - poser BVH files
Winscape 2010 Retouch - mixed downloads for bryce and poser, contains some really excellent Poser textures for the P4 Characters
The 3d studio - This site contains Gallerys, textures, tutorials and models
Eric's Poser Gallery and Downloads
Yuji Nishimoto CG Web - an excellent Bryce site with cool downloads and tutorials
MASA's HP POSER++ - Yamato and Kozaburo stuff for Poser
Poser Factory - The website contains the characters Mimi, Nene and Linlin for Poser
Shom 5D Exhibition index - cool stuff for poser and some interesting shockwave
Emperor Ken's World Ken Gilliland, Emperor Ken's World: Ken Gilliland, artist, bird models, birds, native plants, orlando gallery and poser textures
debra Ross - fantasy Creatures for poser
Free Online 3D Model Downloads - DIGIGRAPH Technical - Industrial Design
Inter Effects Design Tools - 3d trees - 3d konstruierte Bäume - Free 3d samples
Laurens Lapre's Webpages - freeware tree creater loads and loads of 3d plants
HABWare free 3DStudio Max 3.0 PlugIns
Varian.Net - Loads of links for angle wings, 3d plants etc
Steel Proportions - Xurge
Willjen's 3d Historical Models
Weiser 3D : contains mixed goodies for Bryce and Poser

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